Gosia. Kuno and Gosia are passionate lindy hop dancers, instructors and performers. They started their dance partnership in 2010, and they have been ... Gosia » Chase Festival | 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/gosia/

City of Heidelberg * * * Heidelberg is one of the few cities in Germany that were not destroyed during the war. This is why it is one of the most visited ... City of Heidelberg » Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/city-of-heidelberg/

Accomodation Heidelberg is a very popular tourist destination, soon you will know why 🙂 One drawback is that the city is running out of hotel and hostel ... Accomodation » Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/accomodation/

Melanie started classical dancing at the age of 7, at 16 she got into an intensive dance school where she also learns Jazz, contemporary, and tap dance. Melanie » Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/melanie/

GSDS. The festival is organized and created by 3 parties: The German Swing Dance Society e.V as the main organizer of the event. Swingtanz Verein ... GSDS » Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/gsds/

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chase Festival has the pleasure to announce to you: the IKS Big Band – ready to inspire your dancing at the Sunday tea dance! Music Masters – Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:05 http://www.chasefestival.com/category/musicmasters/feed/

German Swing Dance Society e.V Am Kronenburger Hof 3, 69221 Dossenheim, Deutschland Email: info@chasefestival.com Have you ever dreamed of being able to ... Organizers » Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:05 http://www.chasefestival.com/category/organizers/